Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Super Hero Story Idea

[ So this is an excerpt of the work that I have been doing. Feedback would be appreciated]

Rahul Nair stands sentry to the city of Cochin which sprawl below him as his armored body draws a silhouette against the distant might sky. Rahul at this point was trying hard to remember all the introductions to the comics he has read. Batman has Gotham, Superman has Metropolis, each fictional cities that were a character unto themselves in the stories he read. He looked down below and he saw Cochin. His smirk slowly transformed itself into a grimace and he furrowed his eyebrows as he realised that he was in Cochin. Why couldn't I be in Mumbai, it is an iconic city. What about Delhi? That's the den of evil and villainy right? Being home to the Indian Parliament and all. My talents are wasted here. Rahul thought to himself.

Apart from the watchful guardian cliché, he realised the futility of watching over the city atop a building and instead, decided to patrol on foot. He did tune in with the sonic amplifier to watch out for any noises indicating distress. It was past midnight, so the noises were easy to tune out. Just then, when he was turning around the corner, he heard a noise. A man and a Woman arguing, with the female voice clearly indicating distress. As he stepped closer to the house, Rahul could surmise, from the tone and intent of the voices, that it was a domestic situation. This made him reticent even more to proceed. He surveyed the neighborhood, it was an upper middle class enclave close to the sea front, not the den of crime his ilk relished wading into. The house had two floors. He stopped at the door, and listened in. The pitch and the tone of the voices seemed to get angrier, and more desperate. Rahul was reluctant to intervene, as he had imagined that he would stop a mugging or a robbery to start his career in crime fighting. Just then, he heard a male voice issue threats. Screw it

He broke in the door and as soon as he entered, he could now hear the voices clearly. The stair case that led to the top floor presented itself as soon as he entered, and he made a dash to the top. He turned left at the top of the staircase, and without a pause rant to the bedroom. The bedroom door was open and soon he stood at the entrance. He saw the Woman on her knees with tears in her eyes and a Man who he presumed to be her husband stood over her. Before he could speak the Man lunged at him. 'This the guy you sleeping with?' The Man screamed, throwing a punch. As if almost like a reflexive action Rahul dodged and drove his fist into the Man's stomach. He soon slumped, curled into a foetal position and began to moan. Rahul kept looking at the Man, and backed slowly to where the Woman was kneeling. 'You are O.K. now, you should call the...' Before Rahul could finish speaking, the Woman screamed 'We are being robbed, someone help us.' Rahul turned his head in shock. For a few seconds, he contemplated whether to stay put and clarify the Woman's misunderstanding or flee. Sensing the presence of an armored cyborg is a bit hard to explain, he chose flight. He ran down into the stairs and out of the door, and into the darkness of the night which enveloped his figure as he fled back to his home. Rahul woke up late the next morning. It was 11 AM. He rushed to get the newspaper. He opened it to the crimes section. After his eyes scurried along the pages, scanning for the various news, he saw the headline he dreaded. A Husband And Wife Foil Armed Home Invasion.

[again feedback would be appreciated. this just a sample of what my writing style is going to be. The Final product could be entirely different. Who knows ]

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